Competitors will be allowed to participate in only one race at the High School Distance Challenge. The object of the races in this meet is to allow you to run faster than you ever have before. The high school 800m races will only take the top 16 fastest runners. Each middle school mile race will take the top 20 entries to compete in that particular race.
Here are the following time barriers that each race will be shooting to break:
4:50 pace
5:30 pace
10:00 pace
11:30 pace
4:40 pace
5:20 pace
9:45 pace
11:15 pace
4:30 pace
5:10 pace
9:30 pace
11:00 pace
4:20 pace
5:00 pace
9:15 pace
10:45 pace
4:10 pace
4:50 pace
9:00 pace
10:30 pace
NOTE: If there are athletes ready to run significantly faster than these established time barriers they will be provided with their own special pacer to help them in their quest. The meet director reserves the right to combine two races if there are not enough entries to fill one race. Each group within the race will have their own pacer.
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