The purpose of this meet is to allow each runner the opportunity to take advantage of optimal weather conditions, a great setting and a pacer in order to run one race as fast as possible while in their best shape. Unlike most high meets runners will only be allowed to run one race so that they can focus entirely on that effort. Most high school runners are running multiple races for the last month of the season and never get the opportunity to run fresh when they are really fit. This meet will give them the opportunity to do so.
Typically high school races after the season are set up for just the best high school runners to compete. We believe that the best way to get more high school runners to the next level is to give those next tier runners the opportunity to break through as well.
The first question all college coaches and recruiters want to know is; “What are your PR's on the track?” Cross country doesn't mean as much to them when it comes to times for a variety of reasons including inaccuracies of course length, the varying terrain of each course, level of competition, course conditions and weather factors. College coaches for the most part utilize your track times to set scholarship levels.
We hope you enjoy this unique opportunity to run fast in the company of your fellow runners and running enthusiasts while they help you achieve your dreams and goals.
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